A detailed family health history can help your doctor know which tests and screenings are best for you.

A Thanksgiving Ritual: Updating Family Health History

Better Health

Knowing your family health history is one of the best ways to understand your risk of developing conditions.

The Evolution of On-Demand Content Management Solutions – Part Three of Three


 Part 3: Taking it to the Next Level: Making the Shift to Enterprise Content Services, the Future of Content Management Today, as technology continues to advance and the use of smart phones expands, making healthcare more democratized, there is a need to move from document and content management to content services. Enterprise Content Services (ECS) […]

Putting Humanity Back in Healthcare


Quest is proud to be part of the Gold Corporate Council formed by the Arnold P. Gold Foundation, which works to champion humanism in medicine as a critical element in healthcare.

Spina Bifida Awareness Month: From Screening to Surgery


In 1972, a researcher in the United Kingdom, David Brock, noticed that women who give birth to babies with an open neural tube defect (ONTD) or spina bifida had a significantly elevated alpha fetoprotein (AFP) levels in their amniotic fluid.  At the time, the United Kingdom had one of the highest birth rates of ONTDs […]

The Evolution of On-Demand Content Management Solutions – Part Two of Three


Many provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act are scheduled to occur in the coming years, including implementation of electronic medical records.

You Can Protect Women’s Access to Co-Testing (Pap and HPV together) for Cervical Cancer


USPSTF Considering Changes to Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines That May Increase Risk of a Missed Diagnosis

September is National Sickle Cell Awareness Month: Do You Know if Your Genetics Put You at Risk?

Better Health

People now have a new option to determine if not they are carriers of abnormal hemoglobin genes, including those for sickle cell disease,

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