The History Behind a Good Pair of Genes – Why We Celebrate National DNA Day – April 25


It was meant to happen once, but the National Human Genome Research Institute commemorates it every year to showcase how genomics has transformed our world.

Pharmacogenomics: One size does not fit all

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Pharmacogenomic tests may provide information about a person’s genetic makeup to help doctors make medication decisions.

New Lung Cancer Test to Help Physicians Choose the Best Personalized Medicine for Patients


Quest Diagnostics and Thermo Fisher have teamed up to make the Oncomine Dx Target Test broadly accessible nationwide.

Still image of two doctors in an office looking at a computer monitor with results of testing from IBM Watson Genomics from Quest Diagnostics.

Quest & IBM Watson Genomics: Reaching Cancer Patients No Matter Where They Live

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New commercial highlights the abilities of IBM Watson Genomics from Quest Diagnostics for clinicians and patients, no matter where they are.

The Future of Precision Medicine Begins Today


IBM Watson Genomics from Quest Diagnostics combines genomic sequencing expertise with Watson-powered cognitive computing to inform precision treatment and clinical trial options for cancer patients.