Comprehensive Tick-Borne Illness Testing Leads to Better Patient Outcomes

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Ticks are expanding their habitat across the United States, leading to an increase in the prevalence of tick-borne illness. Since there are multiple types which vary regionally1 and co-infection with similar symptoms can occur, it can be challenging to determine which illness—or combination of illnesses—afflicts the infected person. In addition, patients are often unfamiliar with […]

Modified Two-Tier Testing (MTTT) Can Identify Early Lyme Disease in the First 30 Days

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Tick-borne disease is a growing problem across the country: According to the CDC, each year approximately 30,000 cases of Lyme disease are reported, but recent estimates show the number of people who may get Lyme disease each year in the United States is closer to 476,000.1 While some patients show symptoms such as fever, rash, […]

To Test or Not to Test. When Cancer Runs in my Family.

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Maybe you have lived through a cancer diagnosis with a close family member, just heard about a relative with some type of cancer, or you are just curious about your chance of having a hereditary cancer syndrome. In any case, you are wondering if you should be thinking about genetic testing. Now what? “Genetic testing” […]

Decisions, Decisions. Noninvasive Prenatal Testing OR Maternal Serum Screening OR both OR neither?

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When noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT) first became a reality nearly a decade ago, many involved in the care of pregnant women (clinicians and laboratorians alike) saw it as a game-changer. They thought the standard screening option for chromosomal abnormalities, maternal serum screening (MSS), would soon be obsolete.  NIPT is a powerful test for Down syndrome […]

Thanks for the answer, but that wasn’t my question: The pros and cons of secondary findings.

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With the advent of exome and genome testing, laboratories began to identify changes in genes (variants) unrelated to the primary reason for genetic testing. These findings became known as “secondary findings.” There has been debate among providers since the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) published and then revised their recommendations for a […]

MTHFR: Insights to Action

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M-T-H-F-R, 5 letters that often cause confusion among many healthcare professionals that stems from a large amount of conflicting information in the literature, as well as misinformation from the internet. Patients requesting MTHFR testing often do so after hearing that a family member tested “positive,” or after reading internet claims. MTHFR has been blamed for […]

Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

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For most of us, our memories are the most precious thing in the world—an incredible collection of experiences that have shaped us into the people we are today. But what happens when those memories are gone? I’ve experienced this personally with friends and family members. I’ve watched with my own eyes as someone I loved […]

Quest Diagnostics Lab Stewardship Awarded ASCP 2020 Choosing Wisely Award


Quest Diagnostics was honored as a 2020 American Society of Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Choosing Wisely Winner for Quest Lab Stewardship Powered by hc1®. Quest was recognized at a presentation during this year’s ASCP 2020 Annual Meeting. This service provides innovative technology that assists Health System/hospital leadership and lab administrators to optimize laboratory utilization, reduce clinical […]