By Andrea Paal, MS, CGC

Our People

The education of future genetic counselors has had to adapt to the changing social norms created by COVID and the increased need for remote rotation experiences. Since many hospitals and clinics have been unable to host students in person, graduate programs have begun focusing on telemedicine as well as enhanced exposure to non-clinical genetic counseling roles. This has included expanding relationships with genetic testing laboratories. In response to these changing needs and increased demand, Quest Diagnostics has expanded the student rotations offered at our laboratory.

Our team of genetic counselors love training the next generation and we are proud to offer a robust laboratory rotation experience that covers a wide range of focus areas, including product management, marketing, laboratory, and field-based genetic counseling roles, and other emerging career paths, as well as traditional specialty areas such as oncology, neurology, prenatal, and pharmacogenomics. The overall purpose of our rotation is to expose students to the many positions genetic counselors can hold in the genetics industry. As of Fall 2021, we are launching a new, standardized rotation format to better meet the growing demand for remote genetic counseling student rotations while ensuring that all genetic counseling students receive the same opportunity to grow and develop professionally.

Over the past year and a half, our team of genetic counselors has been delighted to supervise 37 genetic counseling students from 13 different training programs! And we are pleased that our students have had glowing remarks to share about their experiences here. Angie Kapely, from Boise State University, who participated remotely from Poland, shared that she feels having an industry rotation should be part of every genetic counseling student’s training:

“My time at Quest was essential in understanding the laboratory side of genetic counseling, for example, how to choose appropriate tests for patients, how to understand the limitations to genetic testing, and the science behind variant classification.”



We are excited to see how this rotation continues to impact students and foster professional development by expanding the skills of future genetic counselors.

To learn more about the rotations offered to genetic counseling students at Quest Diagnostics, contact Steve Keiles, Executive Director of Genomic Services, at