Opioid Abuse Causing Explosion in Hepatitis C Cases


A surge in hepatitis C cases, especially in younger populations, is the hidden result of the opioid epidemic.

The Links Between Opioids and Coronary Heart Disease


In addition to the crisis’ impact on families, finances, and futures, scientific evidence shows cardiovascular dangers are emerging from opioid misuse.

Too good to be true? New study suggests that “good cholesterol” may not always be helpful in reducing cardiovascular risk

Better Health

A new study suggests that a novel lab test that analyzes specific HDL proteins may better predict risk of — and death by — coronary heart disease in some patients. 

As Tick-Borne Diseases Soar, Prevention is Key

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Incidence of tick-borne disease has risen rapidly and prevention is the key to slow the number from climbing.

A Guide to Lesser Known Tick-Borne Illnesses

Better Health

Getting bitten by a tick may be the start of complex medical conditions in patients.

Celebrating 11 Years of Protections of Our Genetic Information


The Genetic Information Non-discrimination Act of 2008 (GINA) ensures that an individual’s genetic information can not be used for discriminatory practices.

The 2019 Gambino Quality Award

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Quest Diagnostics’ most prestigious recognition for demonstrating excellence in medical quality.