New ChartMaxx Application Wins Award for Innovation from Vizient

Patient Financial Assistance programs are an important part of ensuring that patients can receive and pay for the health services and medications they need. These programs, which may fully or partially waive fees for services for people who can document financial need, can also add to an organization’s overall cost burden, particularly in cases where a large percentage of served patients earn incomes at or near the poverty level.

Additionally, the process can be complicated and a misstep may prolong the process and even disqualify a patient from receiving the assistance they need.

To address this need, Quest Diagnostics, through its ChartMaxx product line, recently introduced the ChartMaxx Patient Financial Assistance app, which hospitals and health systems can use to drastically reduce manual processing and ensure a consistent, seamless process to improve patient and staff satisfaction. The app provides special features, including pre-populated smart feeds and automated alerts, to make the typically paper-intense process easier and more efficient for all.

This unique application has received the 2017 Innovative Technology designation from Vizient, Inc., the largest member-driven health care performance improvement company in the country. The designation was based on direct feedback from hospital experts who interacted with the ChartMaxx Patient Financial Assistance application at the Vizient Innovative Technology Exchange in Denver on Sept. 14, 2017.

“Providers, healthcare systems and payers are looking for innovations that streamline their patient programs so that they can focus on patient care and outcomes. The feedback on the ChartMaxx Patient Financial Assistance application by attendees at our Innovative Technology Exchange was in favor of assigning it the 2017 Innovative Technology designation from Vizient. Congratulations to Quest Diagnostics and ChartMaxx on receiving this status,” said Debbie Archer, Director of Procurement and Vizient Innovative Technology Program lead.

This significant award comes from an organization with an acute understanding of the needs of health systems. Vizient represents a diverse membership base that includes academic medical centers, pediatric facilities, community hospitals, integrated health delivery networks and non-acute health care providers and represents more than $100 billion in annual purchasing volume. Through its Innovative Technology Program, Vizient works with member-led councils and task forces to review potentially innovative products.

In addition to patient financial assistance automation, the ChartMaxx product line includes a suite of award-winning enterprise document management solutions. Used by hundreds of hospitals and health systems in the United States and Canada, ChartMaxx empowers these organizations to combine patient and administrative data to achieve true enterprise-wide content management, leveraging the information to support and improve patient care, drive operational efficiencies, and lower costs.