Part 3: Taking it to the Next Level: Making the Shift to Enterprise Content Services, the Future of Content Management

Today, as technology continues to advance and the use of smart phones expands, making healthcare more democratized, there is a need to move from document and content management to content services. Enterprise Content Services (ECS) encompass all the solutions afforded by its predecessor technologies, including Document Management and Imaging (DMI) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM), with a focus on meeting expectations relative to speed to market and data availability.

The evolution to ECS was born out of the realization that a centralized platform often requires complex integration to deliver information for sharing and that even the most sophisticated technology companies cannot meet the personalized demands for innovation.

Today’s reality is that healthcare provider organizations are living in a multi repository world and their end-users and stakeholders – patients, management, payers and auditors — demand specific solutions to their unique business problems. And they need them now, as opposed to waiting for a general solution to be installed in 12-14 months’ time frame.

Enterprise Content Services and specifically modern software development methodologies to deliver content applications are designed to provide customized solutions quickly.

Enterprise Content Services such as ChartMaxx® use technology, including search tools, to interrogate video and audio records and image-based documents, such as PDFs or TIFF files. And a robust service can do so within a brief period of time, meeting the expectation that usable and highly valuable content can be captured and shared, regardless of its source repository.

Understanding and adopting this ECS approach will enable content services to be delivered quickly, cost effectively and to meet emerging business innovations while still maintaining the fundamentals of appropriate level of information governance, security and risk management.  Imagine being able to order data with as much ease as you can now reserve a table or buy a product online. That’s the direction Enterprise Content Services are moving towards, with on-demand, keyword searchable capabilities providing convenience, ease of use and seamless integration into a health system’s workflow. That is the future of content management solutions and services.

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