A recent IBM Watson Genomics from Quest Diagnostics commercial highlights the ability of this end-to-end service to advance precision medicine by combining cognitive computing with genomic tumor sequencing and bring it to clinicians and their patients around the country, no matter where they live – not just at major cancer centers. In fact, community oncologists provide 70 percent of cancer care.

When this IBM Watson Genomics from Quest Diagnostics launched in 2016, John Kelly II, Ph.D. noted that the beauty of this service is that “it can be used to dramatically scale access to knowledge and scientific insight, whether a patient is being treated in an urban academic medical center or a rural community clinic.”

This Watson-powered offering involves laboratory sequencing and analysis of a tumor’s genomic makeup to help reveal mutations that can be associated with targeted therapies and clinical trials. Watson then compares those mutations against relevant medical literature, clinical studies, pharmacopeia and carefully annotated rules created by leading oncologists, including those from MSK.

Watch the commercial below and click here to learn more about IBM Watson Genomics from Quest Diagnostics.