The magic of our data is now at clinicians’ fingertips.

Those who log into Care360® to order a test now see a new type of offering – one that is unlike any they’ve seen before. Introducing Data Diagnostics™ – real-time analytics at the point of care.

Data Diagnostics, created through our partnership with analytics company Inovalon, brings big data insights to clinicians, when and where they need it. Within seconds, it can return patient-specific data analyses that clinicians can order, just as they would a test, to identify gaps in care, quality and other metrics on which healthcare reimbursement is increasingly based.

Data Diagnostics

“Without Data Diagnostics, a doctor might try to obtain historical or quality information about a patient, and the results wouldn’t arrive until long after the patient has left and the doctor is no longer able to take action,” says Teresa Stewart, Quest Diagnostics Senior National Connectivity Trainer, Healthcare Technology & Analytics Solutions. “Or in the case of an ER visit, if the patient is unable to provide his or her medical history, the hospital wouldn’t know about any previous treatments or long-term conditions.”

With Data Diagnostics, office or hospital staff can simply order a patient’s report and review it right before or during the visit. Each report draws from Quest’s 20 billion clinical laboratory test results and Inovalon’s clinical datasets containing over 127 million patients.

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