Making Sense of ‘Chronic’ Lyme Disease Diagnoses


For most patients who contract Lyme disease, oral antibiotics will successfully treat the symptoms. However, some patients who get the infection caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi report lingering symptoms such as fatigue, pain, and joint and muscle aches long after the antibiotics are finished. Sometimes referred to as “chronic” Lyme disease (CLD), the Centers […]

Raising Awareness of Fragile X Syndrome

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Fragile X syndrome, caused by an altered gene on the X chromosome, is inherited and there may be family characteristics that indicate if there is risk of carrying this altered gene.

Diagnosing the Most Vulnerable Patients: Genetic Testing for Critically Ill Newborns

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Quest Diagnostics’ new NewbornDx Advanced Sequencing test provides a targeted approach to testing in a turnaround time meant for the NICU.