New Blueprint for Athletes App Integrates with Apple Health Kit

From the competitive athlete to your average gym goer, data is becoming increasingly important to understanding the impact of your health and wellness routine, as well as how to improve and make it better. While your DNA can tell you what you’re made of, and your activity tracker can tell you what you did, biometric testing is the only way to truly understand what’s going on inside of your body and what can be modified through diet and exercise.

Biometric testing was once only available for select, elite athletes, but the launch of Blueprint for Athletes, the first fitness-specific direct-to-consumer service from Quest, in 2016, Diagnostics, made it available for everyone.

Now, it’s even easier to get biometric fitness testing and track your personal data. Blueprint for Athletes recently launched a new app that allows customers to view their Blueprint for Athletes test results on the go, in an easy-to-read dashboard format that integrates seamlessly into Apple Health Kit. By incorporating your Blueprint data into your Apple Health data, fitness enthusiasts can access a more complete picture of their overall health and wellness by integrating real-time activity data with health records that include Blueprint for Athletes testing results.

To download the app visit the Apple app store and search for “Blueprint for Athletes” or click here (internet access required).  Blueprint for Athletes is currently available for order in 33 states via the new app and Because Blueprint for Athletes is based on medical-grade diagnostic tests, it is subject to several federal and state regulations. These regulations vary somewhat by state, which means availability can vary by state as well. Blueprint for Athletes is not intended to be used for clinical, diagnostic or medical purposes.