e-Health 2017, Canada’s only National e-Health Conference and Tradeshow, was held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada from June 4 -7, 2017. The conference focuses on celebrating, growing and being inspired by the past, current and future state of Canada’s digital health community. From coast to coast, many successful products, success stories and leaders showcased Canada’s digital health journey. This year’s conference focused on the theme of “The Future of Digital Health and the People Who Benefit.”

The Jewish General Hospital from Montréal, Quebec, a ChartMaxx Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solution client, participated as part of the conference program of more than 200 presentations from around the world. Andrew Dobrenis, Project Manager – Administrative Processes Specialist, at the Jewish General Hospital, made a presentation entitled “Leveraging ChartMaxx for tracking Radiology Reviews.” In his presentation Dobrenis revealed the pressure that Jewish General Hospital faces to provide patients the best emergency room (ER) experience possible.

ChartMaxx is a product offering from Quest Diagnostics, which empowers hospitals and health systems to combine patient and administrative data to achieve true enterprise-wide content management, leveraging the information to support and improve patient care, drive operational efficiencies, and lower costs.

Andrew Dobrenis, Project Manager – Administrative Processes Specialist, at the Jewish General Hospital speaks a Canada's Future of Digital Health conference.Jewish General admits up to 245 ER patients a day, and there is a need to move them through the hospital efficiently while providing excellent patient care. Sometimes this can be difficult because they see multiple doctors, take multiple tests and get X-rays and MRIs. There is a need to ensure that there are no communications breakdowns between different physicians and departments to achieve the hospital’s goal. By leveraging ChartMaxx’s core abilities to manage chart deficiencies, through the use of electronic signatures, workflows and worklists, the ChartMaxx team, Quest’s local channel partner, Cercle Group, and the Jewish General developed a workflow to manage Radiology Report reviews from a third-party system.

Dobrenis discussed the evolution from the clinical problem of communications breakdowns with Radiology reports, the definition of the clinical needs, the selection of ChartMaxx as the technology solution through to the conception and building of the resulting workflows and email communication to the respective physician. He also reviewed how ChartMaxx workflows and the resultant data enabled the development of a number of management tools to assist in auditing and reporting the review of the Radiology reports.

e-Health 2017 was a great opportunity to join other members of Canada’s digital health community to showcase tools that benefit patient care and improve their lives as technology plays a growing role in healthcare.