Quest Diagnostics Collaborates with Leading Physicians in Hereditary Cancer Study


Quest Diagnostics, Inc. is the exclusive genetic-testing partner for the BRCA Founder Outreach Study (BFOR), which offers BRCA testing to 4,000 Ashkenazi-Jewish men and women in four major metropolitan U.S. cities: New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Boston.  One of the BFOR Study’s main goals is to explore new ways our healthcare system can use genetic testing […]

Patients Find Info and Support at FORCEs 10th Annual Conference

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FORCE is devoted to supporting women who may be at increased risk for breast and ovarian cancer and for men who are at increased risk for hereditary cancer.

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Quest Proud to Advance Cancer Research with Submission of BRCA Gene Data to ClinVar


When organizations pool their BRCA data, they are better positioned to discover new information on BRCA genes and, in turn, enhance patient testing.