An Exciting UnitedHealthcare Update


I wanted to share with everyone the news below from UnitedHealthcare announcing its Preferred Lab Network. Quest Diagnostics and our AmeriPath/DermPath subsidiary will be participating as Preferred Laboratory Network providers for UnitedHealthcare effective July 1, 2019. Only seven providers were selected for the PLN out of 300 hundred in network lab providers. Quest and Ameripath/DermPath […]

The History Behind a Good Pair of Genes – Why We Celebrate National DNA Day – April 25


It was meant to happen once, but the National Human Genome Research Institute commemorates it every year to showcase how genomics has transformed our world.

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss: Finding Hope


Diagnostic testing including chromosome analysis may be able to identify which causes of pregnancy loss are likely to recur.

Midwest Illicit Drug Crisis: Identifying Signs of Drug Abuse in a Loved One

Better Health

Approaching a loved one with concerns about their drug use is not easy. Doctor ordered appropriate drug testing can help determine the best course of action.

A Guide to Help Physicians Identify Opioid Misuse in the Midwest

Better Health

Screening patients for possible opioid misuse depends on the circumstances and it’s not always easy to determine. However, here are a few ways for medical professionals to screen for opioid misuse.

Colon Cancer Awareness and Lynch Syndrome

Better Health

Lynch syndrome, also known as Hereditary Non-Polyposis Colorectal Cancer (HNPCC), is the most common cause of inherited colon cancer. Find out more.

When Exome Sequencing is the Answer

Better Health

Ask any parent whose child has a serious health condition or birth defect “What is the value of a diagnosis?” and they will tell you that an answer is worth everything. When a child presents with an undiagnosed condition, they may undergo multiple genetic tests in search of an answer. When those tests come back […]

KNOW if You Have the Flu with a Simple Test

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The best way to tell the difference between a cold and the flu is to get tested. Learn more about Quest’s nasal swab test.

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