As a leading provider of diagnostic insights, Quest Diagnostics annually serves one-third of the adult population in the United States and works with half the physicians and hospitals. In fact, Quest’s laboratory services touch and benefit nearly half a million people daily. As a result, the company now has a dataset based on more than 20 billion lab test results – believed to be the largest repository of clinical laboratory test results anywhere.

For years, Quest has used its data to improve operational efficiencies and enhance lab services. However, because Quest maintained different data sets in different data warehouses across the organization, it was time-consuming for data analysts to perform the more advanced analytics that providers now require. Now, it is easier to access this information and provide insights to healthcare providers, which translates to better care for Quest Diagnostics patients. Quest’s ability to transform this data into actionable insights is aided by the capabilities of collaborators.

One of these collaborators is Cloudera. Quest Diagnostics uses Cloudera’s enterprise data hub within a range of initiatives that manage, analyze and operationalize its laboratory data. Through this big data platform, the company can coalesce its data, along with inputs from other unstructured and structured data sources, to obtain new clinical insights. For example, Quest Diagnostics is using Cloudera technology within its Quanum Analytics products of Spectrum Analytics, Lab Utilization Insights, and On Demand Informatics as well its Life Sciences Analytics Services.

“The Cloudera Enterprise platform is the cornerstone of our next-generation analytics platform, and the outstanding partnership we have developed with Cloudera has allowed us to quickly aggregate, cleanse, enrich, and visualize our data in ways we struggled with in the past,” explained Bill Leister, Vice President, Analytics, Informatics, and Business Intelligence. “With our data lake, we can present insights that drive operational efficiency, enrich our clinical reports, and support the growing need to manage population health and lab utilization.”

These insights help providers improve care management, and identify patients at risk and those in the early stages of disease. Quest is able to build avenues for additional insights on how to study diseases and, in some ways, inform better care for different disease states. Quest is also able to help guide patients toward healthier lifestyles. It’s not just about making people well again. It’s really about making sure they don’t get sick.

“The critical diagnostic and other services Quest provides are ideally suited for the power and flexibility of Cloudera Enterprise. We are proud to help Quest guide patients toward healthier lifestyles and improve the healthcare market itself,” said Mike Olson, founder and chief strategy officer for Cloudera.

For more information on Quest’s relationship with Cloudera, watch this short video:

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