Emphasis will be on advanced diagnostics testing and collaborations

When you are the CEO of the world’s leading diagnostics information services company, what is your plan to continue to create industry-leading innovation and growth to advance patient care? Steve Rusckowski answers these questions and more in a recent Q&A with Modern Healthcare where he discusses the company’s goals and future. He notes that his top priority as CEO is to accelerate growth through organic growth initiatives and targeted acquisitions.

steve-rusckowskiThis growth will be achieved through an emphasis on advanced testing services and partnerships such as Quest’s recent collaboration with IBM to develop IBM Watson Genomics from Quest Diagnostics. Quest also aims to expand its relationships with hospitals and healthcare systems to serve as a laboratory partner for these organizations.

When Rusckowski took the lead of Quest, one of his goals was to shift the company’s focus to diagnostic information services versus being a collection of diverse diagnostic lab and product businesses. In the interview he says, “With diagnostic information services as our focus, we actually have been improving our capability of using the information we generate. We have products around utilization management for laboratory tests. We have a product where we can use the laboratory values to help integrated delivery systems around population health. We have this really coveted beachhead within the workflow of physicians when they are engaging with the patient.”

Quest also recently held its Investor Day in New York City where it outlined these ideas and more including an emphasis on consumer health and wellness.

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